93-Year-Old Grandma Becomes Unexpected Fashion Icon

Anna Green
@1000wave // Instagram
@1000wave // Instagram / @1000wave // Instagram

Fashion designer Chinami Mori weaves colorful scarves using a free-form technique called Saori. Her muse and model is none other than her 93-year-old grandmother, Emiko. Mori posts photographs of Emiko modeling her vibrant scarves on Instagram. Over time, the combination of Mori’s playful designs and joyful grandmother have drawn more than 25,000 followers to her account.

In Mori’s Instagram photos, Emiko appears decked out in some pretty wild styles—from brightly colored floral print scarves to a hot pink fur hat—and she always seems to be having a great time.

“She’s my favorite person in the whole world,” Mori wrote on Instagram. “I make grandma happy, and that’s just so much fun for me, too.”

Check out a few of our favorite photos below, and take a look at Mori's Instagram to see the full series.

[h/t: Bored Panda]