HBO Is Airing The Godfather Epic, Blending Parts I & II With Cut Footage


Giving fans an offer they can't refuse, HBO has announced it will air a seven-hour mashup of the first two films in The Godfather trilogy, with the events in chronological order, on January 23 at 9PM ET. The program is also currently streaming on HBO Now and HBO Go.

According to Newsweek, a version of the special, called The Godfather Epic, aired in NBC in 1979, but the upcoming HBO blend of the two films won't have the commercials and language censorship that audiences had to settle for 37 years ago. This time, the films have been remastered and HBO will also include additional footage that was never shown in theaters.

While Jacob Hall of Slashfilm reports that none of the additional footage is "vital," it is "fascinating and watching De Niro’s scenes play out prior to meeting Brando’s older version of Vito Corleone changes the color of the first film in a significant way." Hall continues by saying that The Godfather Epic cut "does significant damage to these movies as pieces (of) art... Separately, these are two of the greatest films ever made. Mashed together, they’re a slog of great scenes and amazing performances without shape or structure."

If you insist on binge watching all of Francis Ford Coppola's magnum opus, first educate yourself on things you didn't know, then catch the epic marathon this Sunday (or on-demand now). And, if for some reason that isn't enough Godfather for you, catch up on The Godfather III, which is streaming on Amazon Video.

[h/t: Newsweek]