This Frozen Pants Prank is Taking Minneapolis by Storm

Kirstin Fawcett

If you live in Minnesota, you can complain about the chilly winters—or you can have a little fun with them.

That’s what Minneapolis resident Tom Grotting chose to do when the Polar Vortex hit his home state a few years ago. As part of an elaborate prank, he soaked pairs of pants in buckets of water, and hung them outside to dry. As the icy cloth stiffened, he shaped the pants to look as though invisible bodies were wearing them. Grotting strategically placed the frozen pants in public places around the city, startling locals who caught sight of them.

Grotting's caper amused him so much that he’s continued the lighthearted tradition every winter since. Recently, his mischievous trouser tactics went viral after he posted pictures on Facebook of pants strutting through snow-filled sidewalks and standing in front of icy storefronts or homes. Grottling’s neighbors were reportedly so tickled by the p-antics that they began freezing their own pants and placing them outside.

Right now, the frozen pants trend is reportedly sweeping across Northeast Minneapolis. Considering that local temperatures aren’t forecasted to rise above 30 degrees Fahrenheit until the weekend, it won’t be surprising if other city dwellers warm up to the whimsical idea as well.

All images courtesy of YouTube. 

[h/t Yahoo! News]