Build an Eco-Friendly Abode With This Prefabricated House


Building a cozy—and eco-friendly—abode doesn’t have to be time-consuming or wasteful. That’s the motto behind PopUp House, a concept that was created by French architectural and design firm Multipod Studio.

The company’s sustainable, pre-fabricated house prototypes can be quickly assembled using only a standard electric screwdriver and a little elbow grease. They don’t require heating or cooling systems thanks to their insulation, and the structures are also solar-powered as well as fashioned from 100 percent recyclable materials. The houses boast multiple rooms and their exteriors are customizable.

The PopUp House may be efficient, but it doesn’t come cheap. According to Multipod Studio’s website, materials typically run between 300€ and 360€ (about $327 to $392) per square meter of floor area, and contractors are estimated to bill between 1300€ and 2000€ (about $1416 to $2178) per square meter. And no, you can’t cut costs by building it yourself; PopUp House requires that you hire its trained construction team, who are reportedly equipped with special tools to “guarantee the quality and speed of implementation.”

And those wanting to build one of the structures in the United States will have to wait. So far, several PopUp houses have been constructed in France and pilot projects have been launched throughout Europe. Learn more about the unique architectural concept in the video above, or visit the PopUp House website to check out the full range of designs.

All images courtesy of YouTube.

[h/t Inhabitat]