This Interactive Map Shows You Every Active Drive-In in America

Rudie Obias
Braid/Twitter / Braid/Twitter

After the first drive-in movie theater opened in Camden, New Jersey in 1933, the concept quickly took off, and drive-ins began popping up in every corner of the United States over the next several years. They hit their peak at the end of World War II, during the Baby Boom of the 1950s and ‘60s; at the height of their popularity, there were more than 4600 drive-in theaters in America. However, with the advent of multiplexes and home video during the 1980s, drive-in theaters began a steep and steady decline.

Today there are only 336 operational locations left in the United States, according to Braid, an interactive online magazine that has compiled a map featuring all of America’s drive-ins, operational and otherwise. While Ohio and New York have the most active theaters, with 28 apiece, several states—including New Jersey and North Dakota—are home to just a single theater.

Check out for a complete list of open locations in your state.

[h/t Yahoo! Movies]