You'll Soon Be Able to Visit a Shoe-Shaped Church in Taiwan


We've all heard about the old woman who lived in a shoe, but probably not about anyone worshipping inside one. The real-life twist on the old nursery rhyme will soon be a reality, thanks to a new church built in Budai, a seaside township in southwest Taiwan.

According to NPR, the $686,000 crystalline building is 55 feet tall by 36 feet wide, and shaped like a giant blue high-heeled shoe. Constructed from 320 tinted glass panels, it stands in Budai's Ocean View Park and was built by the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area to "attract female worshippers and tourists to the site."

Gender stereotypes aside, the church’s seemingly whimsical façade has a somber back story. The BBC writes that its shape is meant to honor a 24-year-old girl who once lived in the region. She was afflicted with Blackfoot disease, and both of her legs had to be amputated. Her wedding was canceled, and she spent the remainder of her life at a church.

The shoe will reportedly be used mostly for weddings and pre-wedding photo shoots, and will be outfitted with features like maple leaves, "chairs for lovers," biscuits, and cakes (because women love that stuff). It’s slated to open in time for Chinese New Year on February 8.

[h/t NPR]