Watch Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Bring the Temple Run Monkey to Life


In 2011, Imangi Studios released the single player endless runner game Temple Run for iOS devices. The game's scenario is simple: You are an explorer who has just stolen something from a temple and are now being chased around a narrow and winding path by demon monkeys.

After over a billion downloads across various platforms, the creators decided to expand the world by bringing a demon monkey to life—and who better to help with that than the creators at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop?

Imangi Studios recently posted a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube that shows how the costume was created using various sculpting, casting, and fabrication techniques. The finished product—which has a man inside—has already been used in a few ads, including the one below that shows what the monkey does when he isn't trying to catch thieves.

Banner image via YouTube
[h/t: Mashable]