This Giant Ice Maze is Now the World’s Largest

Caitlin Schneider

In the resort town of Zakopane, Poland, people aren’t content to just make snowmen or angels or even igloos. As of today, it’s now home to a giant ice maze that’s the largest in the world.   

The icy labyrinth is located next to the Great Krokiew ski jumping venue and occupies 2500 square meters (about 26,919 square feet). That’s double the previous Guinness World Record holder from 2010: the Arctic Ice Maze at Buffalo Powder Keg Festival in Buffalo, New York.

Construction on the new record holder began in November, but the process saw some hurdles because of warm temperatures. Since the holidays, production continued at a faster clip, with 40 mountaineers at work cutting thousands of snow cubes and stacking them to create the maze walls.

If the idea of an enormous ice maze is triggering flashbacks from The Shining (1980), fear not. Designer Artur Haber says the labyrinth is designed to help you find your way through. He told Mashable: "In the maze you get a little lost, but there are a lot of attractions. You can find great blocks of ice with various items inside. Visitors will find out what they are. The labyrinth will be absolutely safe."

The maze was opens to the public today.

Banner image via YouTube.