The Mystifying Air Bonsai Floats and Spins Like a Tiny Planet

Rebecca OConnell
kickstarter / kickstarter

The creators of Air Bonsai want to suspend your tiny tree plants in mid-air. The Tokyo-based team recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $80,000 for the project by March.

Each kit includes a "little star" and "energy base" that help keep the plants suspended and rotating. The little star hovers about two inches from the base and can hold up to 300 grams.

The magic trick is achieved with the help of magnets. The little star is a round sponge covered in moss and fitted with a strong magnet. (There is also a lava stone from the Sakurajima Volcano which can be used as an alternative.) The energy base also has a strong magnet with a similar pole that pushes the other magnet away.

The base comes in a variety of different looks to fit different decors. If the buyer opts for the handmade option, they receive a special porcelain base that takes about three months to create. The pieces are all hand-painted with a “Fu-de," or Japanese paintbrush, and are packaged in a traditional “Kiri” box made of Paulownia wood.

Once the kit arrives, the user plants their bonsai inside the little star. With occasional watering, the enchanting little plant will flourish and hover.