Get a Jumpstart on the Day With Caffeinated Toothpaste

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For many people, coffee is a morning must. If the caffeine from your java just isn't enough, though, you can now get an extra fix while brushing your teeth.

Power Toothpaste is infused with caffeine to perk you up while you're brushing. The product promises to get rid of morning grogginess and, unlike coffee, the paste reportedly takes effect almost immediately. Each tube looks small, but the makers say it has up to 90 brushes if you use about a pea-sized portion (each of which has about 80 mg of caffeine). It has no fluoride to avoid having to be pre-approved by the FDA, but they follow the regulations and the ingredients are not harmful to your teeth. The consistency and taste is—according to Motherboard—"decent."

While the toothpaste perks the user up immediately, it does not last as long as coffee. Power Toothpaste is meant as a quick jolt in the morning instead of something to get you through the day, but it also has a bit of an ulterior motive. Inventor Dan Meropol created the product to help promote better oral hygiene. He hopes to make brushing teeth more fun and rewarding with the help of caffeine. The Indiegogo page explains: 

Traditional oral care products are boring. For most people, oral care is a chore, something they do because they feel they have to. And 50% of Americans don't brush twice a day. Our mission is to turn oral care into something people can get excited about. Brushing your teeth should be an indispensable part of your morning routine.

You can pre-order Power Toothpaste here

[h/t: Neatorama]