Watch an Astronaut Play Liquid 'Ping-Pong' in Microgravity


Believe it or not, you can play ping-pong in microgravity. You just have to be a little creative—and have access to some special sporting equipment.

Filmed at the International Space Station, the above video from NASA shows U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly “bouncing” a drop of water back-and-forth between two water-repellent paddles. They’re fashioned from laser-etched polycarbonate and coated with a Teflon layer, which prevents the liquid from being absorbed. Thanks to the lack of gravitational pull, the water stays suspended in midair as it moves.

Since Kelly is nearly done with his year in space, he won’t be playing cool twists on Earth-bound recreation games for much longer. However, we're sure he's received enough practice in space to excel at the sport once he reaches terra firma this spring.

All images courtesy of YouTube.

[h/t NASA Johnson]