Watch This Supercut of Actors Performing Opposite Themselves


Here’s a movie supercut that will have you seeing double: Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell (a.k.a. YouTube user Burger Fiction) have created the ultimate supercut of actors performing opposite themselves. Dating all the way back to the days of silent film, the video reveals the many ways using the same actor for multiple roles has been employed throughout history.

There are sinister twins (1988's Dead Ringers), adorable twins (1961/1998's The Parent Trap), robots, clones, dream selves, and of course, Eddie Murphy. A few actors, including Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mike Myers, seem to have played multiple versions of themselves in several films. Though the supercut isn’t comprehensive (there are certainly more examples out there), it highlights the full range of uses for actor doubling, from the comedic to the unsettling. Check it out above. 

[h/t: AV Club]

Banner Image Credit: Burger Fiction, YouTube