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The Weird Week in Review

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Monroe County Sheriff's Department
Monroe County Sheriff's Department / Monroe County Sheriff's Department

Crocodile Found in Swimming Pool

The American crocodile lives in the southern tip of Florida and isn’t seen much around people. It is federally classified as a threatened species. But a homeowner in Islamorada, Florida, called the Monroe County Sheriff's Office to report one in their swimming pool Thursday morning. The 8-foot-long reptile was floating in the pool’s shallow end. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sent experts out to capture the croc, and they returned it to a native habitat.  

Police Officer Gets Shot But Still Issues a Traffic Ticket

Police officer Nizaam Alexander pulled over a car for a traffic violation in Cape town, South Africa. A pedestrian came by, brandished a gun, and demanded Alexander’s firearm. When the officer ducked for cover instead of complying, the assailant shot him in the back! The incident was recorded on Alexander’s dahcam

He can then be seen standing up to return fire at the suspect, chasing him away and radioing for backup. It is later reveal that he was wearing a bullet proof vest, which saved his life. Incredibly, Nizaam then returns to the car he had pulled over to continue issuing the traffic ticket for using a restricted lane.

Alexander was taken to a hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. He was later named “the City of Cape Town's departmental traffic officer of the year, 2015.”

Buddhist Hermit Slashes 162 Tires

Julian Glew lived by himself in the woods near Pocklington, Yorkshire, UK, for ten years with no visible means of support and no government benefits. He observed a Buddhist way of life and went out of his way to harm no creature. But last fall, he accidentally stepped on an insect, killing it. Glew was so guilt-ridden over the incident, he did the only logical thing. He slashed 162 tires on parked cars over several days. 

Glew was identified via CCTV and arrested a few days later. He pled guilty to the damage, but then fled before sentencing. He was apprehended earlier this month. This time, he pled guilty to the original counts plus failing to surrender, and received a sentence of 11 weeks incarceration.

Snow Drawing Causes Laughter and Confusion

Someone in Gothenburg, Sweden, drew a large penis in the snow in Kungsparken (King's Park). But it wasn’t just snow -it was in the park's moat that was covered by ice that was then covered by snow. When park employees responded to erase the drawing, they found the ice too thin to walk on. The park’s director told the local media that the image would remain until thawing weather. The drawing, and the park’s attempts to erase it, were photographed from a nearby building that has a great view of the park.

Meanwhile Anneli Hulthén, the city's Social Democrat mayor made her more opinionated thoughts clear when she skated into the debate on Twitter.   "I can't comment in a way that makes sense. Or, in plain language, who cares," she posted.

Apparently, no one thought about throwing a rock into the pond to break the ice, or spraying water on the drawing, or using a boat as a sledge. Any of those ideas would have solved the problem at hand.

Update: The original “snöpenis” has been removed. Emilian Sava used a long-handled brush to to sweep the snow on the moat and obliterated the artwork. Then he regret his action when he found out how popular the original drawing had been. So he took a snowblower and recreated it in the park in a much larger version. A video is available in this story, although it may be NSFW.

Cancer Patient Saves Neighbor from Burning House

A fire broke out in a house full of apartments in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. All seven people inside escaped with their lives, but it wasn’t simple. Dennis Kucia got his family out, and then went back inside to retrieve a trapped neighbor. Kucia found the man on the floor and dragged him outside. The neighbor suffered lung damage from smoke inhalation. Kucia’s bravery was all the more remarkable because he is suffering from stage four bone cancer. Normally, he can’t summon the strength to carry out everyday tasks. But when the need arose, he came through to save his neighbor’s life.