Sunset Candle Changes Color as it Burns

Rebecca OConnell
Akihiro Yoshida
Akihiro Yoshida / Akihiro Yoshida

Japanese design studio Nendo, known for their Japanese language chocolate, has created a charming candle that changes colors as it burns. The Sunset Candle, part of their first product designs for 2016, is completely white on the outside with a colored interior. The hues are meant to signify the colors of a sunset, starting with yellow and ending with dark blue. Each color has a different scent: bergamot, lemongrass, sweet marjoram, lavender, and geranium, in that order. "Not only does the candle provide illumination, but the transition of colours also serves as a reminder of the passage of time," the website explains.

[h/t: Colossal

All images courtesy of Akihiro Yoshida.