Meet the Prop Builder Who Specializes in C-3PO Costumes

Andrew LaSane

As a humanoid robot with a metal body and intricate detailing, C-3PO is among the hardest Stars Wars costumes for cosplayers to pull off. But prop builders like Gordon Tarpley of GT Props have worked hard to make it look easy. The pro cosplayer recently shared a few of his secrets with Tested.

Using a mix of parts that he fabricated himself as well as some sourced from other builders, Tarpley started perfecting his suits through trial and error. Some portions, like the helmet, were ordered, reordered, and customized because they were misshapen or not as screen-accurate as he hoped. His latest masterpiece features one red arm, a replica of the protocol droid that appears in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Watch the Tested video (above), in which Tarpley shows how difficult it is to get into the suit before conventions and events. And check out GT Props on their Facebook page and Instagram, where the builder shares behind-the-scenes photos from other costume projects, including other iconic characters from Star Wars, Robocop, and Ironman.

Banner image via YouTube
[h/t: Laughing Squid]