Keep Track of the Brews You've Sipped With This Scratch-Off Beer Poster

Shaunacy Ferro

Pop Chart Lab’s wall hanging is perfect for the craft beer aficionado who also has an obsession with cataloging (or a faulty memory). To keep track of all the beers they've sampled, all they'll have to do is scratch the foil off the appropriate bottle.

The illustration, which costs $35, features 99 craft beers, sorted into categories and subcategories (double IPAs are a subset of IPAs which are a subset of pale ales, for instance). It also showcases an extensive collection of brands, ranging from staples on restaurant menus (Modelo, Sapporo) to craft brew classics (Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head) to the more obscure (like Verhaeghe, a small Dutch brewery that specializes in Flanders red ales).

This list surely won't encompass the sum total of your vast wealth of beer experiences, but it will help you keep track as you branch out and begin to sample a wider variety of different brew types. Warning: You may find yourself suddenly on the hunt for obscure vegetable ales.

All images courtesy Pop Chart Lab