Special Water-Repellent Umbrella Dries With a Single Shake

Kazuyo Koike
Kazuyo Koike / Kazuyo Koike

While umbrellas are great for keeping you dry in the rain, they have a tendency to get everything else wet once you bring them inside. There are some solutions to this problem already in existence, but designer Kazuyo Koike and manufacturer Komatsu Seiren have decided to address the issue head-on. The Unnurella is made with ultra high-density fabric that repels water, resulting in an umbrella that dries quickly and is small enough to fit in your bag. (As a bonus, it also works as a parasol, blocking 99 percent of all ultraviolet rays.)

The umbrella is also heat resistant; owners are encouraged to iron or blow-dry the umbrella to maintain its water resistance. You can pick one up at the MoMA store.

[h/t: Co.Design]