IKEA Coloring Pages Are the Perfect Break from IKEA Assembly

Andrew LaSane

Who better to join in on the fun of adult coloring books than IKEA, the company that has hundreds of stores that are often described as adult playgrounds? The Swedish design giant recently shared a collection of coloring pages, featuring illustrations of unlabeled IKEA furniture and other products, laid out in repetitious and symmetrical patterns. 

"This activity has become a form of meditation and mindfulness for adults," IKEA writes on its blog. "Since we are big fans of fun design patterns, we wanted to bring some IKEA style to this trend of artistic relaxation!"

IKEA has no plans to sell a printed edition of the coloring pages, but it encourages customers to download this set as a PDF directly from the IKEA Share Space blog, and to post fully colored pages to social media using the #ColorWithIKEA hashtag.

[h/t Mashable]