Check Out This Compilation of Awkward Jeopardy Interviews

Anna Green
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Every weekday, the game show Jeopardy pits the country's greatest minds against one another. But according to several crew members and former contestants, the most stressful part of the show isn’t answering questions or beating your competitors to the buzzer—it’s the brief interview that precedes the show. 

Each episode, contestants introduce themselves to Alex Trebek with a pithy, approximately 30-second anecdote. Unsurprisingly, a lot of those short interviews end up being a little bit awkward. It’s hard to tell a quick and witty story about yourself in less than a minute (plus, winners often have to tell the same story over and over again). But there’s something endearing about the clear discomfort contestants feel during those pre-show monologues, and the little glimpses they give into the lives of Jeopardy contestants. 

Twitter user CoolJepStories has started posting summaries of contestant interviews on Twitter, but with no other context, lending absurdity to an already-uncomfortable situation. The goal, according to CoolJepStories, is to “simplistically yet accurately” summarize Jeopardy contestant interviews. The result is weird, funny—and strangely adorable. Check out a few of our favorites below: 

[h/t: The Atlantic]