What It’s Like To Test Drive a Ford Model T


When it was first released in 1908, the Model T revolutionized transportation and manufacturing. It was Ford’s first mass-produced automobile, and it was considered easier for casual drivers to handle than previous models. With the Model T, Henry Ford also introduced the concept of the assembly line and promoted a living wage for factory workers. The $5 a week Ford paid his employees was double the average factory wage at the time and, according to some historians, was largely responsible for the creation of an industrial middle class.

But, according to car columnist and professional test driver Hannah Elliot, driving a Model T is still pretty complicated stuff. In a recent video for Bloomberg Business, Elliot test drove one of the Ford Museum’s Model T cars. With the help of Ride Operations Supervisor Lisa Deuchler, Elliot cruised the streets of Dearborn, Michigan, learning the intricacies of the automobile’s build (which includes three foot pedals, none of them the accelerator). In addition to mastering its quirks, Elliot provides a bit of background on the classic vehicle, interspersing her test drive with archival footage of the Model T in action. Check it out above.

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Banner Image Credit: Bloomberg Business, YouTube