Architectural Sculptures Carved Out of Pencil Lead

Andrew LaSane
Instagram / Instagram

One man's writing implement is another's canvas. Some artists create intricate works of art using the tips of pencils, but Taiwan-based artist Chien Chu Lee takes his tiny sculptures to the next level. Working lengthwise into pencil leads, the artist creates mini replicas of bridges, buildings, and other landscape scenes.

Lee uses his surroundings for inspiration. He's recreated landmarks like the Hu Wei Iron Bridge, the Great Wall, and the Guandu Bridge and posted images of his work to Instagram with the real sites as the backdrop. He also works vertically to carve tulips, working swing sets, and tiny linked chains that seem impossible—until you see the timelapse footage of his process.

Check out some examples of this art form below, and head to Chien Chu Lee's Instagram for more.

Banner image via Instagram

[h/t: DesignTaxi]