This Collapsible Tub Could Make Bath Time a Portable Experience

Andrew LaSane

Baths are a luxury, but thanks to a new innovative design, they might soon be one you can cart around with you. Carina Deuschl has created a collapsible tub called XTEND, which uses a lightweight carbon fiber frame and a waterproof fabric liner that could allow a would-be bather to have a nice soak anywhere there's water and a flat surface.

The video above shows the process of transforming the tub from a flat disc (which weighs approximately 15 pounds) to a full-size tub. All of the pieces are incorporated into the flat design, including the legs, which are attached to the bottom of the frame. The assembly is done by hand, and there is a hose attachment on one end to make filling the tub quick and easy (though that step isn't demonstrated in the video).

The XTEND design has already won a Red Dot Award and was featured at the 2016 IMM Cologne interiors show, and Deuschl received a 2016 German Design Award Newcomer nomination. Her website doesn't mention any plans to make XTEND available to the public, so those clamoring for a grab-and-go bath will just have to wait.

Banner image via YouTube

[h/t: Gizmodo]