Hyperrealistic Dolls You Won't Believe Are Made of Clay

Andrew LaSane
Michael Zajkov on Instagram
Michael Zajkov on Instagram / Michael Zajkov on Instagram

Russian sculptor Michael Zajkov specializes in making unique dolls. Unlike the run-of-the-mill plastic dolls sold at toy stores across the country, Zajkov's handmade figurines are created using clay, sculpting tools, and an attention to detail that seem to make the hyperrealistic faces come alive. Every centimeter of each doll is painted to resemble real flesh with blemishes and freckles, and the clothing and shoes are handmade and styled to give them an early-20th-century vibe.

Zajkov shares glimpses of his process on Instagram, from modeling the hands and feet after anatomical drawings, to inserting the eyes and painting the lips so that they appear glossy and alive. Unfortunately, the dolls don't appear to be for sale online, but the artist's Instagram says he welcomes email inquiries.

[h/t: Laughing Squid]