The Fart Spray That Trains Our Troops


Once you release your creation into the world, there’s no telling how it will be used. It's true of poetry and music, for sure, but it's also the case for Liquid ASS. The butt-scented spray began as a joke product but is now being used by the military.

Bored with their jobs and looking for a new adventure, Allen Wittman (Liquid ASS CEO and Head Janitor) and his friend Andrew Masters (CFO and Turd Artist) started a prank product company. Eventually, they had an eye-watering fart spray on their hands, a concoction that the company website describes as “genuine, foul butt–crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo.” 

The company now operates out of a facility known as the Ass Factory, and the market for the product has expanded far beyond its inventors’ original intentions. The military purchases it in bulk to use while preparing emergency medics for the visceral stench of the battlefield. Learn more about Liquid ASS's transformation from prank product to useful tool in the video from Great Big Story above.

Header image from YouTube // Great Big Story