Truck Plowing Over a Snowman Gives Much Needed Catharsis After the Blizzard

Rebecca OConnell

Winter may have been a little delayed this year, but that didn't stop Mother Nature from making up for it with a massive amount of snow in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. With slowed traffic, salt-stained boots, and mounds of horrible, brown, slushy snow, residents have been dealing with a rough few days. So it's no wonder that one truck driver, in the video above, seemed to take extra pleasure in completely wrecking a smiling snowman.

The frosty character was created by a few locals as an incentive to get a snowplow to their home. After the city's plow never arrived, they built a snowman and called a friend to tell them about the target. The result is a video simply called "Bye Bye Snowman."

[h/t: Jalopnik]