How to Make a Life-Sized Gummy Coke Bottle


There’s nothing more classic than a bottle of Coke, but you’ll notice something unusual about the one in the video above. Under the pressure of a knife, it’s revealed to be a chewy, edible gummy. 

You won’t be able to buy this product at your local candy store, but you can make it at home. You’ll need some powdered gelatin and a fresh bottle of pre-gummified liquid Coca-Cola. YouTuber Morena DIY takes you through the process of pouring out the soda, mixing it with the gelatin, and adding it back to the container so your candy can take its form. There's just one more step: before pouring the Coke back in, she slices the bottle open and reseals it with tape to make the gummy easier to remove later on. Allow the concoction to set in the fridge, and after a few hours you'll end up with a convincing candy replica of your very own. To achieve an even more realistic look, save the cap and label from the original bottle and reattach them at the end. The potential for pranks is unlimited.

You can check out more clever DIY projects by visiting Morena DIY’s YouTube channel

Banner image courtesy of Morena DIY via YouTube.

[h/t: Nerdist]