Watch Rock Climbers Compete In a Real-Life Game of 'Super Mario Bros.'


At a recent rock climbing competition in Cologne, Germany, competitors took on a special quest: navigating a real-life game of Super Mario Bros. In order to make the climbers feel like they were running through the fictional world, the competition combined projected images from the classic game with real-life obstacles, ropes, and climbing holds. Competitors hopped across tiny, slanted footholds, leapt over pipes, and evaded Bullet Bill in order to physically re-create Mario's journey.

The Mario Bros. obstacle course was the final round in a larger competition held at Das Stuntwerk gym in Cologne, which features bouldering walls and parkour courses. Check out the competition video above. (While the whole competition is fun to watch, the Mario Bros. segment begins one minute and 40 seconds in.)

Banner Image Credit: Life & Sport Photography, YouTube