Watch This Cable Get Forged Into a Knife


It turns out that you can turn just about any metal object into a blade, if you have the right tools and skills. While it may not be as rare and exotic as a knife forged out of a meteorite, the steel cable-turned-blade in the video above has a fascinating creation story. Instead of slow-motion shots and close-ups of the hammer striking the metal, the clip—from Green Beetle, the Oklahoma-based outdoors company that sells the custom knives—shows an abbreviated version of the full process, with captions that explain each step.

As a helpful tip, the company advises other steel forgers against using galvanized or coated cables for this kind of project. "These are the most commonly available cables (i.e. Home Depot, Lowes and even online wire rope retailers) and will release poisonous fumes," they write in the video's caption. During the galvanizing process, metals are given chemical baths in zinc to make them less corrosive. When galvanized metals are heated, harmful fumes are released and inhaling them can cause serious health problems for metal workers.

Watch the video above, and head to Green Beetle's YouTube account to see knives being forged from other metal objects including fish hooks, rebar, and even an old saw blade.

Banner image/GIFs via YouTube

[h/t Gizmodo]