Razor's Jetts Adds Sparking Wheels to Your Shoes

Andrew LaSane
Razor / Razor

Feeling nostalgic about those Heelys you had as a child? Razor now offers a line of products that are designed to kick up sparks from replaceable "spark pads." Their Jetts are sneaker attachments that strap-on to the back of shoes, giving them wheels and creating sparks to help you make a grand entrance (or exit).

The footwear attachments are made with a "heavy-duty polymer 'quick click' frame," urethane wheels, and a velcro strap—and very precise specifications for how they should be used, according to GQ. Razor lists the maximum weight that Jetts can handle as a very specific 176 pounds, and the adjustable devices can fit sneakers in the range from a youth size 12 to an adult size 12.

Still, the product is an improvement on the footwear attachments of the past—and pricier ways to get around on your own two feet, like hoverboards. One pair of Jetts, available in black and purple or black and green, will set you back $40.

Images via Razor

[h/t: GQ]