Artist Creates Compelling Animated Stories With Paper Cups


Japanese artist "shin shinrashinge" creates moving comics by cutting up paper cups. When the multi-layered cups are rotated in a specific order, they tell stories that seem to come to life. Viewers can watch doors fly open, backdrops move, and word bubbles change text. So far, the artist has only created two cup movies: one about Doraemon (in the video above) and another about One Punch Man.

The 23-year-old artist also creates art from food like cut fruit and toast, as well as cigarette ash (the artist acknowledges that this is a bad habit). The process for the latter medium requires meticulously separating gray and black ash, and then re-assembling it into the shapes of characters and celebrities.

Whatever material he uses, Shin's work always seems to defy expectations and dimensions. You can see all his clever creations on Twitter and Instagram.

[h/t: Spoon & Tamago]