This Rocket Pencil Extender Lets You Use the Whole Pencil and Look Cool Too

Rebecca OConnell
Cults / Cults

The more a pencil is used and sharpened, the harder it is to keep a grip on it. It might be easy to just throw short pencils away, but for those who really want to use every bit, there are rocket pencil extenders.

These plastic pencil extenders by design team FORMBYTE help users make the most of their pencils. The design is available for download on Cults for less than a dollar; you have to 3D print it on your own.

For more rocket-themed pencil fun, there's also a downloadable design for a pencil holder. The stand resembles the tail of a rocket and fits four pencils at once. With the change in your pocket and access to a 3D printer, you can have a desk that's the envy of astrophiles everywhere. 

[h/t: NOTCOT]