Lizard Found in Kindergartener's Salad Greens Becomes the Class Mascot

Michele Debczak

Upon finding a seemingly dead lizard in their package of greens, most kindergarteners would probably scream and hide in the next room. Faye from Princeton, New Jersey, responded a little differently: she nursed the 3-inch creature back to life.

Faye was able to successfully revive the green anole lizard, which had sat in a cold fridge for days, by warming its body and wetting its skin. Afterwards, she brought it in to show her science teacher at Riverside Elementary School. "Interesting things can happen when you're working as a science teacher," Faye’s teacher Mark Eastburn told "We set up a little cage for it. It really came back amazingly well." The kindergarten class named the lizard "Green Fruit Loop" and have since adopted it as their mascot.

The bag of salad greens that Green Fruit Loop was rescued from was purchased at a natural foods store that only sells organic products. Rather than seeing the stowaway as a cause for concern, the store’s produce manager said he views Green Fruit Loop's survival as a testament to pesticide-free farming.

Banner Image Courtesy of Mark Eastburn via Instagram.