Find Out How To Avoid The Common Cold From This 1955 Health Film

Anna Green

Cold season is upon us. As the sniffles and sneezes reach their annual crescendo, here's an educational film from 1955 to explain just how the common cold is spread—and what to do when you catch it.

Aptly titled "Sniffles and Sneezes," the film is simultaneously charming and a little unsettling, documenting in great detail the many ways viruses can spread (“Protect yourself against infection: Keep pencils and other things out of your mouth. Never take bites of other people’s food”). With plenty of footage of 1950s kids playing baseball and hanging out, the film is a fun little foray back in time. But it also has some solid advice for anyone slogging through a school or work day with a box of tissues handy: "Stay home and stay in bed—This is the prescription that medical science recommends." And, if you're home sick, "make the best of it" by listening to the radio or cracking open a book.

[h/t Public Domain Review]

Banner Image Credit: Internet Archive, Public Domain