Explore The Guggenheim Museum Using Google Street View

istock / istock

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1950s and home to hundreds of pieces of contemporary artwork, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is one of New York City’s most beloved cultural institutions. Its spiraling corridors and colorful exhibits are amazing to experience in person, but if you’re unable to travel all the way to the Big Apple to visit the museum, Google wants to bring the museum to you.

This week, Google’s Cultural Institute project released images of the museum on Google Street View. Virtual visitors can now explore the whole building, viewing its art and architecture in 360 degrees. Google has released virtual tours of other museums, including the Tate in London and the Museum of Modern Art, but according to WIRED, digitizing the Guggenheim presented a unique challenge. “Apparently, it took a fleet of drone, tripod, and street view trolley cameras to get the shots that were then stitched together for a 360-degree view,” writes WIRED. Nevertheless, the Google Street View experience is totally fluid, allowing visitors to wander the museum's halls and view digitized images of its current exhibits. Check it out here