Jenlagged: A Live Comic Travelogue from Angoulême

Jen Vaughn
Jen Vaughn / Jen Vaughn

The 43rd annual Angoulême International Comics Festival begins today in Angoulême, France. It is one of the biggest comics festivals in Europe, and probably the most prestigious. Comics in Europe and France (referred to there as “Bandes Dessineés” or just "BD") enjoy more mainstream popularity than they do here in the States, making Angoulême an event enjoyed by more than just fanboys and fangirls.

American cartoonist Jen Vaughn is currently there and is creating a live comic travelogue about her experience. Mental Floss is delighted to be able to provide an exclusive preview of this comic as it is made. We’ll be posting pages Thursday, Friday and then Monday through Wednesday next week. The final comic will be available for free digitally in February on Comixology. — Rich Barrett

Jen Vaughn is a cartoonist hailing from Seattle, Washington living the dream of never seeing the sun again. She's currently finishing up Avery Fatbottom: Renaissance Fair Detective #2 and an untitled one-shot with writer Ryan K. Lindsay (Negative Space, My Little Pony) when she's not doing color assists on the new sexy Archie.