Watch This Paraglider Take Flight Against the Backdrop of the Northern Lights


If you don’t have the paragliding skills to get a birds-eye view of the northern lights yourself, now you can live vicariously through Horacio Llorens. Red Bull recently released a video of the famous aerobatic paraglider gliding across the majestic backdrop of the aurora borealis.

To capture the video, Llorens and the film crew headed to a location outside Tromso, Norway, where they braved -15 degree temperatures. Llorens wore heated gloves to keep his hands warm and a wetsuit just in case he fell into the water beneath him during the flight. The paraglider was outfitted with a Thor200 paramotor that allowed him to maneuver gracefully amidst the stunning green lights.

Of the experience, Llorens told Red Bull: "It feels like clouds are in front of you, 500 [meters] away, but in reality they're 15,000 [meters] over your head."

You can watch the full video of the flight above. 

Banner image via Red Bull.

[h/t: Red Bull]