Take a Journey Through 27 Years of Hip-Hop With This Interactive Site

Caitlin Schneider
Poly-graph.co / Poly-graph.co

There’s no shortage of great hip hop these days, but it’s easy to get nostalgic for the heyday of Salt-N-Pepa, The Notorious B.I.G, Lauryn Hill, and even Will Smith.

Polygraph.co partnered with Billboard to bring back days of radio past with an interactive audio timeline, highlighting the top hip hop tracks since 1989. The data was culled from Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart.

You can listen to the songs in chronological order as they rise to the top—they dip in and out as the timeline moves along, but you can also listen to them in full—or jump around from year to year. You can also select a specific artist or track to learn more about it.

Pop your headphones on, explore the timeline here, and prepare to fall down a sweet-sounding rabbit hole. A word of warning: the songs aren’t censored, so sensitive ears might want to navigate with caution.