How To Drink Your Own Urine (Spoiler: It Involves Filtration)

Chris Higgins
YouTube // The Royal Institution
YouTube // The Royal Institution / YouTube // The Royal Institution

Sometimes I genuinely wonder: Under what circumstances would I drink my own pee? I usually wonder this while watching Cast Away or some war movie, but still, it's one of those questions that is both practical and gross, making it the ideal topic for a YouTube video.

In the video below (snipped from a much longer talk at The Royal Institution), Dr. Kevin Fong demonstrates how to drink pee. Specifically, he drinks his own pee. Well, let's amend that—he drinks liquid that has been filtered via osmosis and used to be his urine, but now is just a urine-esque watery substance with some sort of syrup added. Sounds delightful, eh? Enjoy:

The product Fong used sure looks like a LifePack, a favorite of doomsday preppers everywhere.

If you like Fong's delivery, you'll love his full lecture. If you want a bit more about the topic overall, consult Urinary System, part 1: Crash Course A&P #38.