These LED Lamps Run on Candle Power


Ever wanted to combine the intimacy of candlelight with the utility of an LED lamp? A company called Lumir has launched a Kickstarter to begin production on the Lumir C, a cordless device that converts heat energy from tea light candle flames into power.

Lumir founder and CEO Jay Park was inspired to create the candle-powered lamps after experiencing widespread blackouts while traveling in India. "Though many households in developing countries still brighten the darkness with candle light, it is too dark to lead an everyday life with only one candle," Park says in the video above.

So the company began working on a way to make the candle light more effective. Using a technique where the temperature difference is converted into electricity through two kinds of semiconductors, the device is able to turn on an LED without an external power supply other than the candle.

The designers took inspiration from the way a lighthouse "lights up the dark sea" when creating the shape of the lamps, with a tapered body and the LED light diffuser on the top. The portable Lumir C is available in two versions: a Mood Lamp with a brightness of 15 lumens and a Spot Lamp that is four times brighter at 60 lumens. Each stands 9 inches tall, weighs just over one pound, and is available in white, black, navy, red, pink, and blue.

To learn more about the lamps and to pledge to secure your own, check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Banner image via Kickstarter

[h/t: Kickstarter]