Pizza Hut Unveils Tater Tot Crust in New Zealand

Rudie Obias
Pizza Hut NZ/Facebook
Pizza Hut NZ/Facebook / Pizza Hut NZ/Facebook

Someone at Pizza Hut must be a big fan of high school cafeteria food. In New Zealand, the pizza chain recently rolled out a new limited-time Hash Bites Crust Pizza. For an additional $3 NZ (about $2 US), you can upgrade any pizza with a tater tot ring baked on top of its crust. Apparently, people in New Zealand like to eat hash bites (a.k.a. tater tots) with their pizza, which led to the idea of marrying the two into one caloric masterpiece.

Since launching its Stuffed Crust pizza back in 1995 (back when Donald Trump was one of the restaurant’s spokesmen), Pizza Hut has never been shy about upping the ante and shoving even more food into its crusts. Pizza Hut served hot dog-stuffed crust pizza in the UK, while pizza lovers in the Philippines were treated to stuffed crust pizza with BBQ chicken and cream cheese baked inside. In the U.S., Pizza Hut is now offering a garlic knot crust with a side of marinara sauce. When it comes to pizza crust, the possibilities are apparently endless.

[h/t Mashable]