Artist Redraws Cartoon Characters in Other Artists' Styles


Cartoonists like Jim Davis (Garfield) and Charles M. Schulz (Peanuts) spent years developing their own unique drawing styles, and it's their recognizable characters along with great stories that have made their work iconic. But what if a different famed artist had dreamed up those iconic illustrations?

Artist Jaakko Seppälä picked 10 cartoons and imagined what they would look like if they were created by different people. The artist mimicked creators and illustrators like Bob Kane (Batman), Tove Jansson (Moomin), Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes), and Georges Remi (Tintin) to make a chart of 100 faces.

Seppälä does not list the original artists or the names of their cartoons next to the images in the chart, but he does highlight the original characters that he is borrowing from to make the imagined cartoons. Whether or not you accept the challenge to recognize (or figure out) all 10 styles, you can still appreciate how closely the artist was able to make the styles his own.

Image via Jaako Seppälä

[h/t: Design Taxi]