Dutch Police are Training Eagles to Pluck Drones From the Sky


Effectively getting rogue drones out of the sky can be difficult. Some people try to jam their radios or catch them in giant nets, but these methods can cause problems of their own. The Dutch have taken a more unique path: training eagles to catch the nefarious drones in their talons.

The country's police force teamed up with Guard From Above, a company based in Denmark that trains raptors, in order to get the project off the ground, Gizmodo reports. Now, the country is in the midst of a trial run, where eagles are being taught to identify drones and grab them out of the sky.

According to the video above, the eagles nab the offending drones with the ease of plucking dinner. Then, they take their mechanical prey to a safe place, where handlers can reward them with something they can actually eat. While the task might be much harder with larger drones, it's interesting to watch how effective the majestic birds can be.

[h/t Gizmodo]