Video Explains How Every Adam Sandler Movie Is Connected

Andrew LaSane

There are several popular fan theories that suggest films from a specific studio or director (Disney, Pixar, Tarantino, etc.) are in some way related. Now, YouTuber Shawn Kohne is blowing minds with his new explanation of how Adam Sandler's films share a universe.

In a video titled "The Sandlerverse," Kohne shows off his string theory of how, beginning with 50 First Dates but skipping around chronologically, characters from the filmography of Happy Madison Productions and from Sandler's comedy albums appear in multiple movies, and recurring jokes ("You Can Do It!") span decades.

Ridiculous, perhaps, though Kohne makes some pretty convincing points. Watch the video above to see if you agree; it may change the way you watch Sandler's movies from now on.