This Mesmerizing Contraption Generates Gigantic Bubbles

Rebecca OConnell
vimeo / vimeo

Blowing bubbles is a good way to have some easy and inexpensive fun, but that doesn't mean you can up the ante if that little plastic wand just isn't doing it for you anymore. With his latest project, Bubble Device #4, artist Nicholas Hanna has done just that, creating a machine that can blow giant bubbles.

Bubble Device #4 is a complex machine—complete with pulleys, motors, and a fan—that systematically pushes out gigantic bubbles. The device dips rope into a sudsy concoction and the fan creates the bubbles. The resulting soapy blobs almost have a life of their own as they lumber through the air. Just imagine how fun it would be to pop one of those things!

The whimsical machine is currently part of an exhibition at the Taipei Fine Art Museum called The Way Things Go

[h/t: The Creators Project]