View Mars From Your Smartphone With NASA's New Panoramic Viewer

Andrew LaSane
NASA on Facebook
NASA on Facebook / NASA on Facebook

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has captured a number of incredible photos since it landed on the planet in 2012, including a few spectacular panoramic images that now live on NASA's website. In an effort to do the stunning imagery justice, the space agency—taking advantage of Facebook's 360 Video platform—recently shared an interactive video that allows Android and iOS users to see Mars from the robot's point of view.

Although the video is viewable on a laptop or desktop computer, the 360-degree feature only works on mobile devices. Mobile users can move around the image by swiping with their fingers, or moving their smartphones up, down, and around. Unlike other videos that use the platform, NASA's panoramic viewer operates around a fixed point, the rover, so it isn't possible to fully explore the planet. Even so, the ability to glance up at the Mars sky makes the interactive experience way more exciting than your standard image gallery.

Use your smart phone to explore Mars with me in 360 degrees. #FromWhereIStand Posted by NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover on Saturday, January 30, 2016

[h/t Gizmodo]