This Machine Lets You Automatically Brew Your Own Beer

MiniBrew / MiniBrew

Whipping up a batch of homemade beer can be exhausting and messy. After completing the laborious process of brewing, chilling, filtering, and fermenting your beer, you're too tired to clean up your workspace, let alone enjoy the fruits of your labors. (OK, you probably can find the energy to have a beer, but you get the idea.)

A nifty new invention called MiniBrew is here to save the day. The tiny automated machine performs all of the above steps for you, plus it's small enough to fit on your kitchen counter. It's controlled by a smartphone app, which lets you look up recipes, purchase supplies, and monitor the brewing process. As for storing the beer, the machine comes with a portable mini-keg, providing a fuss-free way of transporting your delicious creation to parties.

MiniBrew retails for $2780 and can be purchased online.

[h/t Outside]