Play This Game to Find Out How Easily Distracted You Are

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The modern world is full of distractions: the vibration of an incoming text, the persistent urge to check and see if anyone has liked your latest Facebook picture, the stream of tweets running in the background of your browser, the growling of your stomach—and those are just the tip of the iceberg. Entire research studies and product lines are devoted to helping us regain focus in an increasingly distracting world.

But just how distractible are you? The Stroop Color and Word Test is a common measure for attentional abilities in research. New York magazine's The Science of Us put together its own, brief version of the test to put your brain to work. The test takes less than a minute and involves being able to name the color of text when it doesn't match the word—so being able to identify the word "white" written in orange as "orange text" without being distracted by the word itself.

Image Credit: Shaunacy Ferro

Test your focus skills here. Then you can compare your results with the average reader. And if you're a little more distractible than you thought, don't worry too much. Looking at a natural landscape might help. Even if it doesn't, a little distractibility might not be such a bad thing. Some studies have linked it to creativity.

[h/t The Science of Us]