Artist Creates Elaborate Baroque Wigs Entirely Out of Paper

Caitlin Schneider
Asya Kozina
Asya Kozina / Asya Kozina

Artist Asya Kozina uses paper as her medium, which might not sound all that exciting—until you see her stunning and unexpected works. The St. Petersburg, Russia-based artist most recently turned her eye to Baroque-era wigs, and the results are so fabulous that we suspect everyone would have clamored to wear them.

Kozina worked with photographers Anastasia Andreeva and Dina Kharitonova as well as makeup artists Marina Sysolyatina and Svetlana Dedushkina to create the looks. “Historical wigs always fascinated me, especially the Baroque era," she writes on her Behance page. "This is art for art's sake aesthetics for aesthetics, no practical sense. But they are beautiful. I made a series of wigs. Paper helps to highlight in this case the main form and not be obsessed unnecessary details.”

The ornate designs are whimsical, formidable, and totally breathtaking. Not bad for sheets of white paper. Check them out below, and see all of Kozina’s phenomenal paperwork here.

Images courtesy of Asya Kozina.