Create a Personal Movie Theater Out of This Cardboard Box

Andrew LaSane

Perhaps the ultimate movie experience is the scope of the theater combined with the comfort of home, but if you can't afford a fully tricked out theater for yourself, there's still hope. Firebox offers a kit that folds into a cinema for one, designed to fit over the viewer's head while they lie down and watch a film in privacy using a smartphone. Made from what the company calls "super rugged cardboard," the setup comes with a fake audience insert to give the illusion of company and has different adapters to upgrade your viewing experience with a tablet.

The Cardboard Home Cinema is a product by Tokyo-based design company Lucy Alter Design and was crowdfunded, according to Firebox, on the Japanese equivalent of Kickstarter. The introduction video (above) demonstrates the setup and use of the box, which actually seems slightly more complicated than it sounds. You can own the Cardboard Home Cinema now for $36.09.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

Images via Firebox.