Watch This Gamer Beat Super Mario Bros. Blindfolded


Super Mario Bros. is not an easy game. In fact, during a 2013 Q&A, former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that 90 percent of a recent test group couldn't even make it past the first level. Which makes it all the more remarkable that one YouTuber was able complete the entire thing in 15 minutes ... while wearing a blindfold.

Blindfolded gaming is an Internet trend that's been applied to all kinds of classics including Mike Tyson's Punchout, Super Mario World, and the very involved The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (that one took 103 hours). Kotaku reports that Japanese YouTuber きらめきでどーだい practiced for three months to pull off his impressive feat. He's able to do it, in part, by employing a kind of echolocation—using the Fire Flower power to help determine where the mustachioed plumber is standing. You can also hear him counting as he runs through the levels.

Instead of completing all eight worlds in the game, the player finds a "Warp Zone" that allows him to jump from the fourth world to the last, shaving several minutes off of his total time.

While the playthrough is incredible to watch on its own, the end of the video might be the best part. He cheers and cries in victory as the Princess congratulates Mario, offering him a new adventure. Watch the entire accomplishment above.

[h/t Kotaku]